Supporting Mates With Learners Practice Tests

In Victoria, the Road to Solo Driving Handbook is a comprehensive guide for new drivers who are about to take the learner permit test. It contains basic road safety laws and guidelines that you need to know before driving a motor vehicle for the first time.

Learning with friends - Learners practice tests

Group study - Learners practice tests. photo by pangalactic gargleblaster and the heart of gold

By purchasing one of the new breed of online learners practice test products, you can study and test yourself with your mates – making the learning easier, and fun. Just like in school study sessions, learning and testing each other helps to reinforce what you know, and shows where you may need to do more study.

Studying the handbook

The Road to Solo Driving Handbook holds the key to questions in the learner permit test. Ideally, an applicant for a learner permit must read and memorize specific rules and definitions to pass the learning permit test. The handbook is a basic guide with over a hundred pages of details that can be a challenge to absorb.

Test questions can come from any of the following topics:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs, medicine and driving
  • Speed limits
  • Seat belts
  • Road signs and markings
  • Traffic control at intersections
  • Give way rules
  • Turning
  • Freeways
  • Parking and
  • Driving safely in tunnels

Nature of Learners Practice Tests

Computerised: Learners practice tests are computerized and easy to use. Instructions are clear and answers are immediately checked. Some online programs even link incorrect answers to the relevant rule in the road handbook. A computerized practice test for learners is a learning and evaluation tool rolled into one.

Eye-catching: Practical exercises are often illustrated in cool graphics that add a fun element in studying for the learner permit test. Young applicants who are familiar with computer games will enjoy taking the learners permit practice test while internalizing the rules.

Random questions: Practice test questions are similar to the questions appearing in the actual learning permit test. Practice questions come from a pool of hundreds of possible questions and are displayed randomly in small batches during each learning practice test. With the new breed of high quality purchased tests, you can take the learner practice tests as many times as you like and still obtain a unique set each time.

Easy access: Reviewing for your learner permit test often is a great way to ensure your success in the actual exam. Premium online learners tests are accessible wherever you have an Internet connection.

Learners practice tests are effective in preparing you for the actual learning permit exam because these promote learning through fun and challenging test questions. They will help you, and the friends you study with, get past the magic minimum score of 78% well before setting an appointment for your learning permit test at VicRoads.

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Prepare for Learner Permit Test with a Practice Learners Test

Passing a learner permit test is the first step towards obtaining your driver’s licence in Australia. The test is aimed at measuring your knowledge of basic road rules and safety guidelines which every learner must possess before taking a car on the road for the first time. You increase your chances of passing the learning permit test the first time by studying the road handbook and testing your knowledge against a practice learners test.

Qualifications for taking a learner permit test

Age: You must be at least 16 years old at the time of your application for a learner permit.

Forms: You must fill out and submit an application form and a medical form, if you have a medical condition that can impair your driving ability.

Appointment and Fees: Schedule an appointment and pay the appropriate fees online, over the phone or by visiting, in Victoria, the VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

Eye test: In addition to the learning permit test, an applicant must also pass an eye test to qualify as a learner.

Keys to passing learning permit test

Preparation: The learner permit test is a computerized test consisting of 32 questions on various road rules found in the Road to Solo Driving Handbook. These questions test your knowledge by requiring you to choose the correct answer from among several choices. You will need to get at least 25 correct answer or 78% of the questions right in order to pass the learning permit test.

Studying the handbook and memorizing some basic rules are essential but passing practice learner tests ensure total preparation because these mimic actual questions and format of the learning permit test.

Stay calm: Most learner applicants experience some anxiety during the test. Feeling nervous may be natural at the beginning of the test but you should be able to relax as the test progresses to focus on the questions and remember the applicable rules.

Practise: Memorising all the rules and road sign meanings can overwhelm you. Constant repetition and exposure to the same questions in an online learner test allow you to remember the rules without consciously putting them to memory. In fact, taking a practice learner test immediately after reading the driving handbook is highly recommended.

Knowledge of basic driving rules and safety guidelines is the foundation of safe driving. Careful study, memory work and constant exposure to practice learners test is the best way to build driving knowledge and pass the learning permit test easily.

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Practise Learner Test at Home

In Australia, passing a learner permit test is a necessity if you are want to be able to drive a motor vehicle for the first time. The test is based on road safety rules and guidelines, not only to help you develop good driving skills but, more importantly, to keep you and your passengers safe on the road. If you study and practise learner test exercises at home, you have a better chance of smashing the learner permit test.

learners permit

learners permit. Photo by Gideon Tsang

Driving skills

Scanning: New drivers tend to focus only on what’s directly in front of them. Identifying potential risks well before you turn into a challenging situation is possible through scanning or viewing a road scene completely up ahead, to the sides, and in the rear view mirror. Tip: Side mirrors must be adjusted before starting the car and at a level which allows you to see the rear door handle in the bottom corner of the side mirrors.

Head check: Every car has a blind spot or a range around the car which is not visible through the side mirrors. A head check, which involves moving your head quickly to look over your shoulder allows you to view what’s in your blind spot before changing lanes, reversing, merging or pulling out to overtake another car. To help learn this, practise learner tests online provide challenging scenarios where the correct answers involve the appropriate application of safety driving skills.

Hazard perception: Certain road and environmental conditions require prompt responses to avoid a car crash or other accident, and most of these challenges are discussed in the Road to Solo Driving Handbook. Mastering the appropriate responses or solutions to common road challenges, albeit in theory, prepares you for actual driving experience.

Rules for road safety

Blood alcohol composition (BAC): This refers to the amount of alcohol present in a person’s blood, expressed as the number of grams of alcohol in 100 milliliters (100 ml) of blood. As a learner driver, you must not drive with any alcohol in your blood.

Drugs: In Victoria, drivers are not allowed to drive a vehicle while impaired by prohibited substances such as ecstasy, speed and cannabis. If you should be caught driving with drug impairment you will be subject to penalties including loss of licence.

Medical condition: The law requires learners to report any medical condition that could affect their driving. Medicines used to treat a health condition may affect your driving ability. In both cases, you are required to ask a doctor or pharmacist for advice on how a condition or medicine may affect your driving ability.

Other legal safety requirements to know include the use of seat belts, travelling with animals and observance of speed limits.

Your knowledge of these rules and driving skills will be tested in your learner permit test. When you undertake a practise learner test online, you get the chance to experience similar test questions and repeat the mock test as often as you want until you are satisfied with your score.


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Pass First Time With A Practice Test for Learners

The majority of learner permit applicants fail the first time they take the learner permit test in Victoria. This test is based on road theory and laws found in the Road to Solo Driving Handbook and often uses terminology that is unfamiliar to young or new drivers. The handbook contains various rules that are best tested in exercises like those appearing in a quality practice test for learners.

Pass First Time With A Practice Test for Learners

Pass First Time With A Practice Test for Learners. Photo by Danny McL

Anyone who intends to drive a motor vehicle in Victoria for the first time must pass a learning permit test before obtaining a learner permit. The test covers a wide range of topics found in the driving handbook and requires careful study and constant review using a practice test for learners.


Road rules are written in a special language that is not readily understood by young and new drivers. Terms such as “Blood Alcohol Consumption”, “head check”, “scan”, and “built-up area” carry special meanings when used in the learner permit test. Memorizing their definitions can help, but some questions test how you apply their meanings in hypothetical scenarios. A learners permit practice test contains practical questions similar to the actual exam, making it easy to remember and understand special terms.

Road signs

Numerous road signs can mean different things to drivers who are unaware of their real meanings. Remembering all the road signs in one sitting can be daunting. Ideally, you should test your knowledge and memory through practical tests immediately after studying the road handbook. An online learners test with road sign questions is perfect for this purpose.


The actual learner permits test is a computerized exam composed of 32 questions on random topics found in the handbook. Each question has only one correct answer from among multiple choices. Lack of confidence in your knowledge of road rules can make it difficult to choose the right answers as two or more of the given choices may appear to be correct. A quality and comprehensive online learners test system allows you to take the practice learner tests repeatedly until you get a feel for the questions and the correct answers. Online scores also provide an immediate evaluation about your preparedness so you can determine when it’s best to take the actual learning permit test at VicRoads.

Preparation through careful study and a constant practice test for learners increase your chances of passing the learning permit test the first time. This approach saves you the expense of paying additional testing fees and allows you to start driving with an experienced driver soon

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Practice Learner Test for Overseas Licence Holders

Overseas visitors to Victoria, Australia may drive a motor vehicle during their stay under certain conditions. Even with a valid overseas licence that is recognised by VicRoads Australia, learning Victoria’s road safety rules and testing your knowledge against a practice learner test ensures safety and boosts confidence while driving in unfamiliar roads.

Conditions of Overseas Licence

Visitor on temporary visa: If you are entering Victoria on a temporary visa and hold an unexpired driver’s licence issued by your own country, you can drive a motor vehicle on your licence provided that it is in English or accompanied by an English translation and International Driving Permit.

Resident on permanent visa: You can use your overseas driver’s licence for 6 months from the time you entered Australia or from the time your permanent visa was issued while in Australia. After 6 months, you must convert your overseas licence to a Victorian driver’s licence.

Licence requirements

Depending on your age and the nature of your overseas driver’s licence, you may have to undergo some tests to qualify for a learner permit or licence. The application process starts by filling out the appropriate forms and making an appointment for the road law knowledge test and eye test. Passing the road law knowledge test is an indispensable step before you can qualify for a learner permit or probationary licence.

Preparing for road law test

The road law knowledge test is a theory test that verifies how much you know of Victorian Road Law. Studying the road law handbook and taking the practice learner test several times is the ideal way to prepare for this test.

The actual test is conducted on a computer and consists of 32 multiple choice questions. You will need a score of 75% or at least 25 correct answers to pass this test. Taking a learner practise exam helps because the questions are quite similar to those used in the actual theory test.

Boost driving confidence

For those who are exempt from taking the theory test, studying Victorian road rules is still important if you intend to drive a motor vehicle during your stay. Road rules vary among countries and depend largely on road environment and common road behaviour. Holders of foreign licences are still required to observe road rules in Victoria. Taking a practice learner test provides a quick assessment of your ability to take on Victorian roads and traffic. Obtaining a passing score a few times on the learner practice test can be reassuring for holders of international driving permits or foreign licences.

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Online Practice Learners Tests Through Internet Technology

Preparing for your learner permit test can now be done online. In Victoria, the learner permit exam is a theory test based on road safety rules and principles found in the Road to Solo Driving Handbook. Passing this test can be daunting considering the amount of information you must study in preparation of the learners permit test. With advanced technology, learner permit applicants are now able to test their knowledge online using practice learners tests programs.

Learners Tests

Learners Tests... Photo by Jason Cowling

What you need

Road to Solo Driving Handbook: A good grasp of road safety rules found in this handbook is the appropriate foundation for driving. You may purchase a copy of this handbook or view a free copy online.

Practice learners tests: An online learner test contains similar questions found in the actual learner permit test. Test questions are formulated in advance and programmed to display questions at random. Taking practice learner tests repeatedly helps you to remember the rules without memorizing everything. Because it is web-based, it is accessible at any time and from any location with Internet access.

Internet access: Most practice learner tests are accessible using a computer or laptop. With mobile technology on the rise, some developers have created other iPhone versions of the practice learner tests. So you can take these tests wherever you go and practise as often as you want.

Appointment: Fill out the application form and contact the VicRoads Customer Service Centre to schedule an appointment for the eye and learner permit tests. Be prepared to pay the appropriate fees as you set the appointment.

Benefits of Doing Learner Practice Tests

Immediate feedback for correction: Taking practice learners tests is a mechanism for providing immediate feedback that allows you to know what your mistakes are and to remember the correct answers.

Repetition: You can take the practice learners test as often as you want until you obtain satisfactory scores. Repetition aids memory retention and allows you to remember more of the rules and theories found in the handbook without making a conscious effort to memorize them.

The actual test can last up to 20 minutes and will consist of 32 test questions covering such topics as car control and road safety rules. Passing score is 78% and you can take the test as often as you want until you pass although you will have to pay testing fees each time. Avoid paying test fees repeatedly by preparing through practice learners tests that ensure you pass the learner permit test on the first try.

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Learners Practice Test Can Update licenced Driver’s Skills

Road laws change occasionally to promote better road safety in response to changing conditions and traffic behavior. These modifications often lead to changes in learner permit and licence requirements, and to learners practice test questions. Because of this, more and more licenced drivers find that taking a permit learners test gives them a chance to update their knowledge on traffic rules and regulations.

Driving is not just about car control but also involves a good knowledge of road rules and plenty of practice. Existing rules require any new driver to pass a learner permit test and for licenced drivers to observe current road rules to maintain their licences. licenced drivers are also expected to stay up to date on traffic laws. Failure to observe traffic rules may constitute traffic offences and are punishable by fines, demerits or cancellation of permit or licence. Staying updated with the help of an online learner test is an ideal way to help avoid traffic penalties that might result from ignorance of changed regulations.

Key Rules and regulations:

Driving safely is the underlying principle of most traffic laws. A learner or licenced driver who follows the rules prescribed in the Road to Solo Driving Handbook is more likely able to avoid car crashes, accidents and handle potential hazards appropriately.

Blood alcohol composition (BAC): Driving with alcohol in your bloodstream increases your chances of getting into a vehicular accident. Learners are not allowed to drive with any alcohol in their blood while licenced drivers must have less than .05 BAC or less than 50 milligrams of alcohol in every 100 millilitres of blood. Determining how much wine or beer will fall below the legal limit can be tricky so it’s best to avoid drinking if you are planning to drive.

You may be stopped by the police and asked to take an alcohol breath test, and refusing this test can lead to cancellation of your permit or licence, along with other penalties.

Road signs: Public roads and highways are marked by numerous road signs that signify different rules which motorists must follow. Studies show that new and licenced drivers can commit traffic violations for failure to understand the meaning of specific road signs. Reviewing road sign meanings in the driving handbook certainly helps, but a learners permit test forces you to remember the road signs in order to pass.

Other important traffic rules that enhance road safety include giving way to other vehicles in specific instances, respecting pedestrian lanes and dealing with animals on the road. It’s easy to forget these rules once you obtain your licence; the best way to refresh your knowledge is through learners practice test.

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Help Teenagers Pass With Learners Permit Test Practice

Driving skills and road responsibility are best taught as soon as your teenager is qualified to take the learner test. Passing the learners permit test is an important milestone for it allows your son or daughter to drive a motor vehicle for the first time. In Victoria, the ideal way to prepare for the learner test is through careful study of the Road to Solo Driving Handbook and self-test using a learners test practice program.

Help Teenagers Pass With Learners permit Test Practice

Help Teenagers Pass With Learners permit Test Practice. Photo by Pink Sherbet.

Your teenager must be at least 16 years old to apply for a learner permit and its necessary to fill out an application form and make an appointment for an eye test and a learner permit test.

About the learners permits test

The learners permits test is a computerized exam with 32 questions based on road safety theory found in the handbook. Memorizing specific rules such as the blood alcohol consumption (BAC) limits and meanings of road signs is essential but testing their knowledge against a learners test practice software gives your child the edge during the actual test.

Most practice test questions are similar to the actual learner exam questions. Obtaining a passing score a few times in the practice tests is a safe indicator of future performance in the learner permit test conducted at the VicRoads Customer Service Centre. A minimum score of 78%, which is approximately 25 of the 32 test questions, is required for anyone to obtain a learner permit.

The road knowledge test will contain questions on:

  • car control
  • road rules
  • dealing with other road users and
  • driving safely

Your child can take the learners permit test as many times until he passes but this can be time-consuming and costly. Taking learner permit practice tests will increase their chances of passing the actual learner permit test on the first try.

Passing the exam

A learner permit is issued to applicants who pass the learner permit test upon showing sufficient proof of identity such as a passport or original birth certificate and paying the learner permit fee.

Your child must carry his or her L permit at all times while driving a motor vehicle. He must be accompanied by a licensed driver while driving on an L-permit. New rules under the Graduated Licensing Scheme now require learners under 21 years old to undergo at least 120 hours of supervised driving practice, recorded in the official learner logbook. This additional step builds driving skills and provides opportunities to apply theories learned from constant learners test practice.

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Getting a Headstart with Learners Permit Practice Test

Learners Practice Test

Learner drivers need to take and pass a standard learners practice test before obtaining a permit to drive motor vehicle in Victoria. This test is composed of 32 multiple choice questions with only one correct answer for each.

Getting at least 25 of the 32 questions correct, or a minimum of 78%, will qualify you for a learner permit. Studying the basics of driving safely, which are found in the Road to Solo Driving Handbook, and taking a learner practice test improve your chances of passing the Learner Permit Test on your first attempt.

Who can obtain a Learners Permit:

Anyone who is at least 16 years old and who passes a car learner permit test may obtain a learner permit which allows them to drive a motor vehicle while accompanied by an experienced driver.

Steps in Learning to Drive

Obtain a Learner’s Permit: First-time drivers must fill out and submit an application form and a medical form, where applicable, to start the process of obtaining a Learner’s Permit.
You must also pass two tests – an eyesight and the learners test.
Driving experience: Constant practice on various road conditions develops your driving
skills and significantly reduces crash risk. Current regulations require learners under the age of 21 to accumulate a minimum of 120 hours of driving experience and hold
a Learner’s Permit for a minimum period of 12 months before you can apply for a Probationary or P License.
Road rules and safety: Passing a Learners Permit test is a reliable indicator of your knowledge of traffic rules and road safety. You can download or view a free online copy of the Road to Solo Driving Handbook which contains important information about the usual risks and challenges of driving, tips for dealing with such risks and legal requirements.
Learners Practice test: Your understanding of the rules and guidelines found in the Solo Driving Handbook must be tested before the actual learner permit test. A learner practice test gives you an edge by posing similar questions in the same testing format. Beginners may initially score low at the first practice and work on improving their scores by viewing the appropriate answers of the incorrect items.
Learners who go through learners permit practice tests have much greater success in passing the
official permit test on the first try. The practice tests save you time and additional costs for
scheduling a second testing appointment while giving you a headstart in preparing for the
standard permit test.

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Passing Your Learners Test

Passing Your Learners Test

If you are learning to drive a motor vehicle in Australia for the first time you must obtain a Learner’s permit.

A permit may only be issued after you pass the learners test which has been designed to measure your knowledge of road safety and laws. Passing this test the first time will save you time and expense and a practice test for learners increases your chances of passing first time.

Photo: Passing your Learners Test

Passing your Learners Test. Photo by metrolibraryarchive


Preparation for Learners Test
About the test: The Learners test is a computerized exam consisting of 32 multiple choice questions. You must have a minimum score of 78% or obtain at least 25 correct answers.
Test questions are derived from information found in the Road to Solo Driving Handbook which learners can obtain for free online.

Study: The Road to Solo Driving Handbook is divided into several parts designed to help you understand important aspects of driving such as:
1. Challenges of driving
2. Learning to drive
3. Managing risk
4. Rules and responsibilities of driving

Appointment: You must set an appointment for your learners test and pay the related fees online, by phone or by visiting the VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

Forms: You must submit an application form and a medical form if you have a medical condition or are under medication that may impair driving.

Practice test: Learners are often under 21 years old and have little or no experience in driving. Practice learners tests closely resemble the actual test and improve passing rates by providing a feel for the test questions and format.
The practice test can also assess your readiness to take the learners test through mock test scores.

Hazard perception: In addition to learning good car control, learners must develop keen hazard perception to avoid car crashes. Hazard perception is the ability to identify, assess and respond to potential hazards or risks in a timely manner.

Potential hazards often come from:
▪ vehicles around you
▪ pedestrians and cyclists
▪ environmental conditions
▪ road conditions

Scan: An important skill a learner must be able to develop during the learner permit stage is to scan the road scene by looking ahead, to the side and in the rear view mirror. This must be done constantly for better hazard perception and response.

Head check: This skill involves moving your head quickly to look over your shoulder,an important step before changing lanes, reversing, merging or pulling out to overtake another vehicle.

Actual road practice greatly improves hazard perception, but it is important that an applicant must first passes a learners test before getting behind the wheel on a public road.

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